Solar Submersible Pump System

We developed first time in a Solar Submersible Pump System, which runs on solar as well as by hand also. Solar Submersible Pump System is a pump made from cylinder gearbox, pulley belt & PMDC motor. Solar panel generates 12 24 volt DC and supply power to PMDC motor and motor drives pump and delivery water at approx 30 to 50 liters per min depend upon water level. In case of non-availability of solar power, one can easily move pump with handle, which is provided on pulley and get water. Solar Submersible Pump System is able to lift water up to 300 feet easily. Solar Submersible Pump System is widely used in remote areas as it is 100 % maintenance free, very useful and economical solution compare to DC solar submersible pump. The cost is almost ¼ of DC submersible pump. The offered Solar Submersible Pump System is very useful for NGO & government organizations, which are working in Asian & African countries.


Type Solar Water Pumps
Voltage 220V
Fuel Solar
Theory Axial Flow Pump, Centrifugal Pump
Automatic Grade Manual
Power 3-5kw
Pressure High Pressure
Structure Single Stage Pump
Warrenty 1 Year